Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Exception #1

Philosophy. Something people have forgotten to instill into their personalities.
A constant reminder of what its like to live a dream-like reality
no emotion, just business and entertainment.
Of course this is only one of infinite opinions led by a generalization of thoughts
but without the daily grind, the hustle and bustle of work and life,
a person reverts to thought. The most convenient, accessible, most portable and smartest device you'll ever own. No dependance on whats in your palm but whats on your mind. Thats what we need as a whole and as human kind.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


You sing songs like a bird builds nests
structurally sound with the comfort to match
But having such skills can lead to such stress
thus jeopardizing you quarters of thatch
It'll blow right off with the slightest breeze
gently abrupt without warning or sign
But shelter will be the last thing o'er your sleeve
as you drink up your limited barrel of wine

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So cumbersome too
is the weight i carry for you
along with the songs I've sung
and the rhymes I've spun
like turn tables I scratch
the tiny surface of one.
The gobbledeegook of ones soul is to me
like the faintest discovery, revolutionarily agreed
Cuz I too can fake a lie
and no matter what you think, no matter how hard you try
your mind inside this universe is but a hair on a fly
wing it like a co-friend
the one who stands right near
cuz you'll never be able to wield this weapon you call a spear

Thursday, November 17, 2011

#6 II

A tribesman,
all withered and strange
wanders the forest for food 'for the rain
he challenges even the most fierce equations
and seems to get nowhere for his weight isn't gaining
He hears his tendons stretch as he placidly combs the plane
While his heart sinks deeper through soul, his mind stays balanced, whole, and tame

Saturday, November 5, 2011


No words to describe how speechless i am.
The vernacular escapes me.
However, with someone the likes of you,
your world will never yield safety.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I yawned the other night and i did not know
when your mind lacks a thing your body will let it show.
I have not yet experienced what the Hours call fate
For i have not yet traveled the accompanied state.
A place that is null and void of all things created or destroyed.
Some place that ignores your call but ignites your voice.
And as it travels through the space between,
your legs quiver slightly though your hands are serene.
And those words that you spoke they mean nothing right now.
You have spoken the language of the coming force
Not a film, nor a boat, but a rivalry sport.


What to think of the day so far
I've been stranded and deceased for for quite some time
Yet the people ignore my song.
They avoid the wrong
and they are not blamed.
'Cuz he who yields not is a victim of his pride
He doesn't have a life or the time he wishes he had
to reflect upon himself and the life that he wishes he had.
And the things he values mean nothing to him
because they are but fish
In an endless swim.


So what if i don't stylize my personality

its the seeping creative beast that sleeps inside my apathy

and to think that you just might be

a person to influence my appetite for clarity

a human disfigurement of a personification developed over time

through rhyme and verse

for more than the second time

i haven't learned the lesson

and so it begs the question

am i something more what i 'ought to be?

Can my dormant soul come out appropriately?


A severely impenetrable wall blocks my view of the supposed setting sun.

While i struggle to regain my line of sight my mind gives in to a notion of

stinging, jetting, crushed blue felt on the table draped over the shelf

giving in to what seems like help

a welcoming invitation to a somewhat intriguing dissertation

on becoming a creative who seeks out liberation

something that makes sense but that isn't understood

is like drawing a chair made of wooden metal glue

it would be something new

it would be something true

but i cant help but think of the people that just don't care.